Selected Works

James Madison leads an unprepared nation into a struggle that will establish the United States as a major world power and stake its claim to the entire continent.
"A breathtaking portrait of boldness, courage...and sheer youthful vitality."--Newsweek
"A powerful indictment of what the United States helped to bring about in this hemisphere."--The New York Times.
A nonfiction examination of the fall of the Roman Republic--political and military history from 81 B.C. to 30 B.C. (Simon&Schuster, 1994)
"A novel of the death of God, with many resurrections and many Christs." Harper& Row, 1968.
"Wedlock is very good, full of sharp insight and throwaway wit...Langguth writes a sternly brilliant prose, and his characters live."--Elizabeth Janeway, 1972
"This quick-running, exciting novel poses a number of disturbing questions in a spare prose that gives the book great bite." Harper&Row, 1974
"Despite his total immersion in the rituals, Langguth asked the skeptical questions that allowed him to produce here the first objective book on Brazil's Macumba in English."
Literary Biography
"A Saki biography at last, and surely a definitive one...An achievement.--Emlyn Williams.
More than six decades of letters from the author of "On a Note of Triumph," often called the poet of the Golden Age of Radio.


From the publisher:
"Sam Herold produces rock records in Los Angeles. Veteran of a marriage that didn't work, a war he would like to forget, the assassinations of the sixties that still haunt him, Sam has gradually become obsessed with the television image of Harry Bross, a Rightist councilman who is running for City Attorney. To Sam's family, his hatred of Bross would be a joke--so much passion wasted on so runty a villain. Except that they know about Sam's temper and they wonder how long he can control it."