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Is The Tai Lopez's 67 Steps Personal Growth Program For Me?

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Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur who spends most of his time offering motivational speeches, coaching and online programs on topics related to personal growth and development. He has extensive knowledge and qualifications that enables him to offer informative and reliable advice. He is certified in financial planning, runs a successful online book club, and was one of the first people to do Google Ad words. In addition he gives talks throughout the USA on financial success

Lopez started his entrepreneurial journey offering financial success. He has mentioned in many interviews that he dropped out of college and began offering financial services. After major changes and a successful journey, he now spends his time reading, speaking and sharing his experience and knowledge to empower others. Tai claims that his extensive reading, travelling, and being mentored by millionaires has enabled him come up with key foundation principles and concepts that can help other people in creating a success for themselves.

How Does The Tai Lopez 67 Steps Work

tai lopez knowledge society reviewTai came up with the 67 Steps Work program because he wanted to share his wisdom with others. He picked the number 67 because several studies show that a habit can be formed in 66 days. According to Tai, he added one more and named his program 67 Steps, for good luck. The program consists of Lopez’s personal experiences and teachings he has gained from mentors such as Gandhi, Bill gates throughout his career. Hoping that the 67 Steps by Tai Lopez hopes will use his 67 steps to live a better, successful and happier life.

The 67 Steps Work as the name suggests is a series of steps towards a good life. Tai goes ahead to state that people want to live the good life, but only a few get to live the good life. According to Tai, only the people who use their time well and learn from the mistakes of others have a chance to attain the good life.

The Positive Impact The 67 Steps Made In Life

The program has 67 different steps to teach the user important principles and values from some of the most successful entrepreneurs including Trump, Warrant Buffet among others. Some of the steps included in the program include

· How to be adaptable
· How to be worth a damn
· Continuous learning
· How to be a social chameleon
· How to prioritize

Each of Tai’s 67 steps comes with an in depth daily life implementation to help you work towards success. Tai uses real life examples to help change how you think and to gear you towards success

The Accelerator Program

The Accelerator Program is another magnificent program from Tai that offers a more intense and personal experience with Tai Lopez’s mentorship. You get a chance to interact with Tai in real time in one of his many business conference calls. To gain access to the Accelerator you have to pay around $997.

The program is a bit costly but according to people who are ...